A Decentralised Crypto Asset Settlement Service

Public sales starts on May 1st 2018
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by Digitrust Corporation Pte Ltd, Singapore

Willtoken - Protects your Crypto wealth & Pass it on to your loved ones securely

56 million people die every year (108 death p/minute) and our rightful heirs need help inheriting their crypto assets

WILL Token is your utility token to
  • 1 Prepare for any eventuality
  • 2 Assign and modify heirs over time
  • 3 Secure settlement services

Common Concerns of Every Crypto Investor

If something happens to me (Death or Disability). what happens to my crypto investment?

Can I appoint my next of kin or loved ones to inherit them?

How will my family or loved ones receive my crypto wealth?

Whom can I trust and appoint to do the process


A Revolution in crypto wealth assignment (Inheritance)

WILL Protocol

Ethereum ERC20


Listing in exchanges in Q3-2018
Currently in discussion with several exchanges

Buy using Cryptocurrency


ICO - Price

1 WILL Token = 0.10 USD
With Attractive Bonus Structure

No Minimum Contribution

Any amount is acceptable

Referral Program

Refer and get bonus token

Token Crowdsale

Join us in the revolution of Cryptowills. Get it and be with peace of mind !!!

Token Details:
  • Total Token Available(All Time)

    1,000,000,000 WILL

  • Tokens Available for Sale

    300,000,000 WILL

  • Token Price

    USD 0.10 / WILL

  • Token Type

    Utility Token

  • ICO (Softcap)

    USD 3 Mil

  • ICO (Hardcap)

    USD 30 Mil

*All unsold tokens will be moved to reserve wallet for future use.

Key Dates

Year 2018
Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep

Pre Sale


Public sale
May 1 to June 15


Post ICO Activities
June 16 to July 31


Exchange Listing
Aug 1st onwards


Product Release


Token Allocation

Reserve : 45%
ICO Sale : 30%
Bonus and Bounty : 15%
Team and Advisors: 10%

Use of Proceeds

System Development and Maintenance : 30%
Legal Team : 25%
Listing in Exchange / Community Building : 15%
Board and Administration: 10%
International Expansion and Facility : 10%
Marketing and Promos : 10%

Rewards and Bonus














May 26-
Jun 5









Core Team

Capt. Selva
Chief Executive Officer
Allan Graham Fiddler
Chief Operating Officer
Sasidharan Thiruvengadam
Head of Product Development
Karthick M Rengasamy
Tech & System Protocol Architect
Arjun Subburaj
Head of Technology & Innovation
Benjamin Drewe
Strategy Advisor
Srinath Raju
Communications & SMM Lead
Monika Helene
Public Relations
Cleo Mccathy
Community Manager
Michael Mccathy
Community Manager


Theodosis Mourouzis
Dr. Stylianos Kampakis
Data scientist
Yew Seng Ong
Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control (CRISC)

Legal Team

Collyer Law LLC
Sharif & Khoo

Achievements and Roadmap

Who are we? and
what is our delivery capability?

  • We are a well-established firm in distressed asset administration protocols and estate management services.
  • We are strategically positioned in software development and blockchain application capability
  • We have an experienced, strong and dynamic multinational management team with varying expertise and capabilities.
  • We are confident in developing the company and increasing the value of WILL token.
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  • 2018 1st Quarter

    Preparation for Pre-Sale

    Establishment of global partnerships and services

    ICO - Presale

  • 2018 2nd Quarter

    ICO - Public Sale

    Partnership agreements with exchanges

    System Protocol & Flow finalization

  • 2018 3rd Quarter

    MVP - Core engine and security factor roll out

    API modelling for integration with exchangesMVP - Core engine and security factor roll out

    Deep integration of Artificial Intelligence and Hyperledger

    Beta release

    Partnership agreements and Exchange listings

  • 2018 4th Quarter

    Go Live

    Phase 2 Development for Extended Protocols


How many WILL tokens are distributed through the token Crowdsale?

Maximum supply: 300,000,000 WILL

What is the Token sale duration?

Pre-ICO: April 30th

ICO: Start Date 1stMay 2018 and End Date 15th June 2018

What happens if scheduled tokens are not all distributed until the end of sale?

All unsold Tokens will be moved to reserve wallet for future use.

What is expected value of WILL tokens after the token sale?

The WILL token value cannot be recommended in advance as any other cryptocurrencies, the value of token is determined by the market valuation.

Who can participate in the token Crowdsale?

Anyone can join to Crowdsale, but it is important to determine if it is possible in a given jurisdiction to participate in tokensale. Please check regulatory restrictions in your country or state and read the terms.

What is token sale and why is it needed?

A token sale is an event in which companies making use of blockchain technology attract participation and support for their platforms by selling cryptocurrency tokens to early adopters and enthusiasts in exchange for money today. Usually these tokens, after their issuance, can be used on the project platform as internal currency for payment of services. The project, in turn, receives the financing necessary for start-up costs and development of the platform.

How may I take part in ICO or Pre-ICO?

In order to participate in the WILL Token sale, you can (subject to eligibility restrictions) purchase the desired amount of WILL through our website (https://willtoken.io), making payment during the sale process.

What methods of payment are available for WILL purchases?

Participants in the process will need to transfer ETH / BTC / LTC / DASH. We recommend carefully checking the address with the transfer address field before transferring the ETH / BTC / LTC / DASH.

What is the minimum participation amount?

No minimum participation amount.

When will I receive my tokens?

Tokens will be distributed immediately from the Crowdsale Smart Contract within the Ethereum transaction of your contribution. You should see them in your ERC 20 compatible wallet with in 3 working days provided you have submitted your Receiving wallet address under "My Account & KYC" in investors portal.

For BTC Payment We will transfer tokens to ERC 20 Compactible wallet Every Wednesday and Saturday during sale period

How can I get Ethereum?

Purchasing Ethereum can be done easily at any of the Ethereum exchanges such as Coinbase, Kraken etc. Once Ether has been purchased (for fiat: USD, EUR, GBP or crypto: BTC), the funds should be transferred to your own secure wallet.

Can I buy WILL Tokens using wallet created on cryptocurrency exchange?

Absolutely not. All ICO purchases should be made with use of your private and secure Ethereum / Bitcoin. Purchased tokens will be sent back at your initially used address so it is important to make transaction from your own wallet.

How high should be gas limit for transaction?

To make smooth and fast transaction without rejection, set GAS LIMIT to 200,000 and GAS PRICE to 50 GWEI or more. You can check recommended GAS PRICE at,https://ethgasstation.info/

How Many WILL Tokens will I receive?

It will be determined based on market price where our WILL is priced at 0.10 USD / Token.

The number is much higher for early participants with bonuses up to 50%.

What will happen if I send the Ethereum to the wrong address?

If ETH / BTC / LTC / DASH sent to wrong address you will not be able to return it. Please double check the address of your transactions before taking part in tokensale. The company will not be responsible for token loss.

ETH was sent to the correct address, but I cannot see the tokens. Why?

You need to wait for confirmation of the transaction. Usually transactions are confirmed after 20 seconds, but in some cases it may take longer. If you want to check transaction status, use its hash to find it at,https://etherscan.io/

Is there AML/KYC process?

Yes, You need to do AML / KYC verification before participating.

Do you offer any bonuses during Pre-ICO and ICO?

Yes, For details Click Here

What is the purpose of the WILL Token?

WILL token is designed as payment for services for our platform.

When can I exchange an WILL tokens on cryptocurrencies exchanges?

All WILL tokens will start to be transferable on 1st June 2018. After that date availability of WILL on the market depends on how fast exchanges add WILL to their markets. We will do our best to make WILL tokens available on as many exchanges as possible.

How can I check my WILL tokens balance?

WILL Tokens balance can be viewed in any Ethereum Wallet you use, such as myetherwallet.com.

What is WILL token?

Token issues by decentralised organization for settlement of crypto assets. It offers unlimited scalability and availability utilising Blockchain Technology

Where can I find out more about the WILL?

Detailed description of the platform is available in the whitepaper

All details regarding WILL will be delivered by email and social networks channels:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Telegram
  • Reddit

What is the status of the platform?

We currently have a working prototype of the platform.

What are main schedules for the WILL Platform?

Framework schedule for WILL Platform is presented in Road Map [link] section on our website. Exact dates of the next stages will be announced in the future.

How Can I Buy WILL Initial Coin Offering (ICO)?

To buy into WILL ICO, Follow the 5 simple steps:

Step 1 : Open a MyEtherWallet, (click the link and it will take you there)

You’ll need a Ethereum wallet (ERC-20 compactible) to receive & store your WILL token – we recommend MyEtherWallet (or a full Ethereum Wallet). This is because our WILL token based ERC-20 protocol built on the Ethereum blockchain and MyEtherWallet an “ERC-20 token friendly wallet” and it is a proven & safe Wallet

Wallet setup: Get your wallet set up so that once the sale starts you just need to do the payment/ transfer.

TIP: Specifically, for Ethereum-based ICOs, you’ll need an “ERC-20 token friendly wallet” This means you can use MyEtherWallet or Ethereum Wallet.

Do not use Coinbase’s or direct exchange wallet to receive your WILL token. Coinbase and Exchange wallet isn’t ERC-20 friendly, meaning it can hold Ether, but not Ethereum-based tokens.

Step 2 : Whitelist yourself on https://willtoken.io/

Whitelisting is like the registration you do on e-commerce websites, you are registering yourself with WILL token and expressing your interest to participate in the ICO

WILL token will send you related information regarding the ICO and update you with their progress, bonus options, whitepaper etc. for your understanding.

Step 3 : Complete the KYC process

KYC is a process simply defined as Know Your Customer, as a token holder of WILL token, we need to know the customer details and it is a mandatory feature.

Doing a proper KYC will save you a lot of hassles in the future when it comes to declaring your investments, transferring your assets to your next of kin or paying taxes on your profits etc.

It is merely a process of uploading required details such as passport/ID copy, picture of yourself with you Passport / National ID , a verified address with utility bill copy etc. before the actual sale and purchase of any tokens.

Step 4 : Have your BTC / ETH ready, pay and purchase

  1. Login to WILL investor portal (If you don’t have login id and password please register yourself anytime)
  2. Choose the payment method (BTC / ETH / LTC / DASH) Copy our wallet address provided on screen.
  3. Transfer BTC / ETH / LTC / DASH to our wallet address shown in screen and complete the transaction.
  4. Copy and Paste your ERC-20 Compactible wallet address in Investor portal “My account” page where you want to receive your WILL tokens

Soon after receiving and verifying your payment, WILL token Will credit the tokens to your MyEtherWallet or any ERC-20 compactible wallet that you have provided.

Step 5 : Check your balance on your wallet

Check your ERC – 20 compactible wallet for WILL tokens, at times the token credit will be immediate and at times it may take up to 3 to 6 working days for payments via BTC / XRP, subject to volume and approval process.

So don’t panic. If you did not receive your WILL token after 6 working days, please contact our us via tokensale@willtoken.io

Welcome aboard WILL family. May we reap our success together and grow in strength.

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